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4th and Goal 2022

4th and Goal 2022 is a football game in which you play as a professional quarterback who must lead your team to victory. There are entirely new teams, strategies, and team setups in the newest installment of the famous franchise. You must make the decisions as the quarterback of your football squad in order to score scores and convert them. Choose your plays from the playbook wisely so that you may unblock other players and score a try as a team! Make Big Hits, score touchdowns, and pick plays designed by current and past high -, college, and professional football players! Choose from the playbook's maneuvers to set up a fantastic passing play, or try to snare a few extra meters and set up another play.

Time intervals:

You can choose multiple time intervals to vary the match's duration. You can also select colors for both your squad and your opponents.


Skill level:

There are various levels of difficulty in the game, which you can adjust to your preference. Rookie, experienced, all-pro, and hall of fame are the different degrees of difficulty.


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