Share is a simple game to enjoy, but it is extremely addictive. Games to help dispel your boredom. A thrilling journey starring the most famous characters begins, you need to collect food and increase your numbers and defeat other players.


  • Amazing graphics and effects.
  • The menu system is very easy to use.
  • Great music and sound effects.
  • Try to unlock with coins each of the fifteen different skins.
  • After watching the promo, there is a shop where you can buy Leather or Coins.
  • Can improve the movement speed of characters and clones.

Controls Guide

Your goal is to collect food and grow your army. Your troops will increase as you enjoy delicious food along the way and they will follow you everywhere you go.

When the game starts you will find yourself in a field with lots of food. Move in and eat them all.

Your maximum number of followers is shown above your character's head. If the opposite crowd is larger than you, you may be knocked out. Also, if yours are bigger, you can consume them and destroy the entire population!

In addition, you will find many types of power-ups that support the game, such as those that will increase your speed faster or increase your audience.

To move your character, just click and drag across the screen. You are prepared to enjoy all the food. Good luck.


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