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Basketball Master

Basketball Master is the game that basketball enthusiasts will love, this is the game for them! You can play two-player mode and compete with your friends. Show all skills in each turn with increasing difficulty. You need to sort out the distance calculation and you should consider analyzing the obstacles. Whoever hits the ball with the highest percentage wins. So you need to make your moves carefully and firmly. Aim the ball with your mouse and release the mouse to let it fly straight into the net, or make it a little harder to show off your talent by bouncing it out of the basket and letting it spin around before hitting the ground, you'll get some big point. As you level up, the difficulty of passing will increase and there will be obstacles that you will need to dexterity and a little more strength to get the ball through and into the basket.
A dramatic basketball game is waiting for you.

How to play

Aim the ball with the mouse and throw the ball by pressing the left mouse button.

Try to throw the ball into the basket and overcome the obstacles. If you get the highest score you will be the winner.

Tips and Tricks

Be careful that the ball does not touch the obstacles, if you touch the game, the game will be over.


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