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Cannon Basketball

Cannon Basketball is a basketball game in the style of Angry Birds, in which players must overcome obstacles to advance to the next round. The player completes the challenge by controlling a cannon and shooting basketballs from the cannon into the basket in each level.

How to play
Players must accomplish chores and then use the mouse to shoot balls in order to gather stars and place them in the basket.
Each round will conclude after all three stars have been collected and the ball has been placed in the basket. Accurately shoot the ball to earn the greatest possible score!

There are several hurdles and fascinating objectives, in addition to amazing aesthetics, to ensure that gamers have the best experience possible.

Success rules
At each level, you must control a cannon and direct fireballs from the cannon into the basket.
If a variety of impediments, such as empty cells or wooden barricades, prevent you from reaching the basket, you must continue shooting balls until you reach the round.

Controls Guide

Use a mouse to play

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