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Drift Boss

Drift Boss is a completely free online endless racing game. With precise timing, navigate your car through an endless road without crashing into the void. Be careful with tight twists and turns!

You can participate in the infinite challenges of the game by accessing it. The playful vibes of this gripping game will attract and impress you. Do you like to operate a car? We often experience thrill and excitement while playing driving games. So is this driving game. In the video game Boss Drift, you can show your super driving skills. The challenging roads in this game are not for everyone. Only players with courage and perseverance can make admirable progress. Are you one of the great racers?


  • A daily award for progress
  • You can choose Drift Boss to amuse yourself, and you'll like the games' entrancing soundtrack and visuals in addition to their addictive gameplay.
  • Web browser is the platform (desktop and mobile) entertain, you will love not just the addicting gameplay but also the music and graphics that go along with the games.
  • Platform: Web browser (desktop and mobile).

Controls Guide

On a computer:

To move your car to the right, hold down the spacebar or use the left mouse button.

To turn your car to the left, let go of the spacebar or your left mouse button.

On a phone:

To make your car turn to the right, tap the screen.

To move it to the left, release.

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