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Impostor is a game that simulates the crew of a spaceship trying to survive as it moves through space. There is a fake among them, so they should be careful. They need to watch out for empty rooms and be ready to attack when left alone with someone else, because what if that person is an impostor? The impostor wants to kill everyone, and he will do whatever it takes, even if it means destroying the ship. He's sneaky and smart. He can wait for his victim in dark places or jump off the ventilation shaft and attack from behind.

If he doesn't make mistakes, it's hard to say who he is in the crew. You wouldn't do that, Imposter, would you?

Key Features

In a fan game based on Among Us, you can play as a fake. Be smart, try not to get caught, and deal with crew members. All of them have to die in the end. You must be the only one left alive. 

Controls Guide

Use WASD or the arrow keys to move around.

Click the buttons in the bottom right corner of the screen to do things.

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