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Noob vs Pro: Stick War

In the strategy game Noob vs Pro: Stick War, the Green and Red Stickman factions engage in a bloody conflict to protect their own statues and take over neighboring lands. Start by hiring miners to obtain important materials and develop an army to defend your statue and attack the enemy base.

To stay ahead of your rivals, you'll need to strike a balance between producing miners and fighters. Send your troops to the front once organized to destroy the enemy statue. You can support the attack using a powerful spell that has a cooldown to your advantage. You can buy various improvements for your statue, miner, and warrior at the camp. There is an elongated campaign mode with escalating complexity in Noob vs Pro: Stick War. Then the stored and online modes are also accessible.

Controls Guide

You can tap or click to buy noob miners to gather minerals and noob warriors to fight. Destroy the statue of your rival!

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