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Rocket Bot Royale

Rocket Bot Royale is an exciting new battle royale game. When participating in the game, you will face challenges with powerful Robo-Tanks, climbing walls, jumping rockets and pumping cannons. The ultimate goal is to outlast your opponents in a fast-paced gunfight. Try to be the last one standing by upgrading your weapons, collecting coins, avoid rising water levels and alive.

Rocket Bot Royale Features

Rocket Bot Royale comes with a lot of great features that players will find appealing. The most prominent ones are listed below.

Join the tank battle

You will be impressed by the epic tank battles. There you will use your cannon to push tanks, try to destroy enemy tanks and collect rewards.

Accumulate valuables

You can hoard gold and gems and buy them from the shop. The game also allows players to get gold by watching ads. You can use gold to upgrade and get more perks and weapons.

Level up

When you accomplish all of the goals, your level will increase. Players have access to greater benefits and more powerful weapons as they level up.

Controls Guide

To play Rocket Bot Royale and win, read the instructions listed below.

Join the battle with other players; The battle takes place on an island.

To move around the area, use the WASD key.

Aim by using mouse pointer and shoot with a left click. You can shoot to the ground so that the bullets shoot upwards while holding the LMB to increase the rocket's speed.

The scroll wheel must be rotated to switch weapons. Try to destroy your opponent in Battle Royale and be the last one left.

It is a wise move if you hide and wait for the opponents to slaughter each other because they will eliminate each other until there is only one player left.

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